wtorek, 5 listopada 2013

Nareszcie w domku! / I am back!

I am seriously glad I am back home with my baby!

She's doing gr8, thankfully.... We 've beat the shit out of this freaking pneumonia! Took some time, but the b***** 's gone!

So, when at home is OK, I'm more than OK to be back in business!
Old boxes one ;)
I've changed suppliers - one wasn't ready to work for me (me too demanding... ha!) The other one, well.... I preffer my Boxes on Rolls to be more like lofty rather than shabby. So now I will be only making raw boxes - the ones I feel the most right :)
Please, look for some SALE on SHOP link! I seriously mixed everything with delivery costs.... better ask before paying ;) If at all....


2 komentarze:

  1. She's absolutely goregous - so happy for you all that you're back home and everything is going well. /Niki

  2. Thank you so much Niki! I adore your blog ♥ Actually, it looks and sounds and all like some kind of sophisticated article, you know. Your articles are designwise and too interesting! ♥it! THAN YOU :) / Sylwia