środa, 7 sierpnia 2013

Some Racks , some chandaliers.... Night Craft

You know....

Sometimes the idea just drills my head so obtrusively, don't want to let go even at night that I really need to get up and work it....

Quietly, not to wake up baby.

Like last night - I nailed the rack that I'd been doing whole afternoon with no particular idea what would be the best for it.....

 I nailed it! Especially the handle - turquoise with tiny blink in the middle. To spice up this raw scandi style.

I think it's not done yet.... Needs to be perfect before I show it to the world.

Next rack on wheels is on the billl.

Be patient.....

I'm in creativity roll!

If somebody want's to know the technic of my craft - don't bother to comment.


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