poniedziałek, 12 sierpnia 2013

Easy and nice work follows reset ;)


 So many ideas in my head are driving me crazy! ;) My always-on-the-run nature is not following my brain. Guess what's faster :D


The good stuff 4 me is to make a "To-Do" list, in points and check everything what's been done. Every freaking day! Otherwise I'll be lost in my ridiculously wired brain....
In mean time I manager to make some chandaliers.... I must say I♥them! I'd buy one if I didn't know how to make it on my own.

It's made of:
♥ terracotta flower suport (Leroy Merlin)
♥ 2 x calyx (some kind of Home Depot)
♥ carafe or any kind of bottle
♥ u also need fine glue

Then it's very easy and nice work . Sky is the limit !


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